How to Detect and Remove the Bitcoin Miner Virus from Your Computer

With the growing popularity of bitcoins and cryptocurrency, this is becoming very prone to the virus attacks. In December 2017 the value of bitcoin Bitcoin crossed $19000 to nearly touch $20000. The Bitcoins are steadily increasing and in late 1990’s bitcoin have used the Dot-com version, which are nowhere secured and prone to hackers. The cyber-criminals find out ways to surreptitiously steal or mine bitcoin. Also, they have used some minor viruses; this is some of the tools used to hack. As the bitcoins have awarded for the process of mining, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and used for the worldwide payment system. But the cyber-criminals are doing fraudulent and illegal activities, things most common are dark web transactions, drug trade etc.

Symptoms to Detect Bitcoin Miner Virus:

  • Most of the times your system gets over usage of CPU and GPU.
  • Most commonly your system will get overheated.
  • Drastically your system will be slow down and hanging problems will appear.
  • Sustained mining virus could break your PC’s hardware.

Ways of Bitcoin Enter into Your System:

The Bitcoin miner malware is most commonly spread virus at present, there are numerous methods for Bitcoin miner to enter into your system. Such as email attachments and embedded in compromised websites. Most commonly this malware will also found embedded in Trojan horse viruses. And it will also spread across windows networks by exploiting the Eternal Blue vulnerability. Thus, you need to be more careful while opening any unwanted links. It is very hard to stop spreading the Bitcoin virus by entering into our systems. As they are using some advanced techniques to get into our computers, as they are using fileless malware it is hard to stop these viruses. Traditional antivirus solutions and most modern virus protection software are NOT even capable of handling this type of viruses. You need more advanced technical skills to remove it manually. This might be quite complicated and sensitive and incorrect handling could brick your system.

Antivirus and Virus Protection Software:

You basically need an efficient antivirus software solution, which can easily detect and block fileless malware. Traditional antivirus solutions are capable of detecting malware based on virus definitions and hence they are best virus software to detect fileless malware. However, they run on cloud-based technology, they will run system scanning even when you’re offline. There are many internet securities out on the market, which are running based on cloud technology also default deny protection to block all unknown files, which is including zero-day malware. The traditional antivirus has some special features like; they will collect all unknown files from your system and store them in a virtual container where they allowed executing and observing their behavior. The behavior of the file helps to decide if the file is good or malicious. Based on that it will send analysis report, so keep updated antivirus software on your system to keep away from Bitcoin miner virus. We have suggested best antivirus software 2018 you can check them.

Top 3 Tips to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi is the most common device in every home, every one of us having a standard internet connection to their Wi-Fi device. Once we your Wi-Fi is configured with your service provider, you’re done with it and blindly use your Wi-Fi. Many of us may not consider that tiny box may seem harmless or unsecured. Is that really secured as you think? There are many concerns and questions rounded us regarding the Wi-Fi network security, however, most of our Wi-Fi routers are password protected with WAP2. As this password protection is advanced and strong build and it’s hard to break that password. Till now we thought this by many of developers, even service providers will be using a WAP2 password to keep our Wi-Fi protected.

As your router is the gateway for the internet, never compromise on its security feature. Cyber-criminals are more advanced that they are attacking your computers using your Wi-Fi. They can gain access to your login information, redirect your searches to malicious pages and may use your computer as their campaign. Attacks can happen anytime, so be safe from the threats. We recommend you to keep best antivirus software in your computer to keep safe from the hackers. There is a different type of attacks happening around the world, even our home Wi-Fi is not so secured from the hackers.

In recent years, Ransomware attack has happened using the local area network feature. This is an Example that our Wi-Fi networks are not much safe from the hackers. There are more attacks in recent years, even WordPress websites are also got hacked entirely without the owner’s knowledge. Approximately 20,000 WordPress sites are being hacked recently as reported by a famous business site. Most of the users have no knowledge about the usage of network features and they only get prone to the attacks. So at the end of the post, we will be providing you complete information about securing your Home WI-Fi Network. Even though we strongly recommend you to enable your firewalls from your control panel and turn on windows updates. This will keep your computer safe from attackers.

Tips to Keep Your Home Wi-Fi Network Security Safe and Secure:

Here are some of the tips we are providing for you to maintain yourself to keep safe from unwanted threats. As cyber-criminals are more advanced and can break any security system, but following some basic tips will help you without getting attacked.

1. Frequently change your Wi-Fi password on your Wi-Fi router and if possible make changes in the username. But remember the updated changes to your router.
2. Always choose the strong network encryption settings on your router. The most commonly used is WPA2.
3. Disable your routers SSID broadcast, so that it will be not visible to others.

Try these settings on your router as soon as possible. Also, install best antivirus software on your computer.

How to Effectively Remove Virus From Laptop Or PC

No matter how much cautious you would be and measures you take or even install free antivirus in your system still there is a possibility to get exposed to the infection. With time the number of harmful virus and malicious software are growing day by day. So, in order to keep safe your data and your laptop, you have to take measures so that this kind of unwanted situations does not even crop up. But if you are still facing this kind of situation, then you can follow few simple steps in order to remove the viruses from your computer or laptop effectively.

Steps to follow:

With a quick guide, you can easily resolve the system and clean the virus and other harmful infections without any hassle. Let’s check out the steps for the same.

• Use Safe Mode and Disconnect the Internet: The internet is the main source of these malicious viruses. So it should be your first duty to disconnect the net connects. It makes sure your computer will not be harmed any more. Moreover, you should also use the safe mode to run your system rather than the normal one.

• Delete Temporary Files: Temporary files are the place where these viruses +++__hide, so after disconnecting the computer you must delete all the temporary files from your system. Alternatively, this move will help you to give you some more space to accommodate your new applications.

• Use New Malware Scanner: It is evident that our existing malware system is not doing enough to safeguard your system; it may be because it is a free one or not equipped enough to safeguard it. So it’s best to use a new malware system or registered antivirus.

Update your Software: After installing the new registered antivirus update it so that the software has all the virus information to manage and quarantine the viruses.

• Fix The Browser: If your system is infected then it is possible that your browser is also get infected so clean your browser also by deleting the cache, history, and cookies too.

• Practice Safe Browsing: Last but not the least; try to use the safe browsing practices so that you never have to face this kind of dreadful situation.

How Ransomware Spreads and Infects Your Computer

Ransomware is becoming popular day by day with the increase in new and advance techniques used in attacks by cyber criminals. Ransomware attacks are the most powerful and favorite techniques of the attackers. Ransomware is malicious software, which is a type of malware that is specially designed to disguise the user and to enter into one’s computer to steal, personal and important data. These methods are adopted by the criminals to make huge amount of money, where they ask ransom in order to return their data back.

Ransomware is a hi-jacking technique, by which attackers’ hi-jack your computer’s lock screen and do not allow you to access your computer. Thus thereby your whole data you saved on your computer gets in risk, because it is impossible to recover your data back, once your PC got infected with ransomware. You would only have to choose to format your computer get rid of this malware. It is necessarily required for you to get rid out of this situation by finding its right solution.

This malicious software uses various techniques to enter into your PC and spreads like fire and there is a need to find the right solution for this problem, in case you failed you will suffer a lot of damage. And for this you need to know how it spreads and how it can infect your system very easily.

Here we will know how ransomware is designed to infect your computer badly and spreads to other places so quickly:

• Ransomware have many sources to develop and infect individual PC or the whole network.

• Many a times ransomware is sold as a service by its creators. The developer gets profit from ransomware demanded from the victim by attackers.

• Because not all the computers are safe with 100% protection. Cyber criminals find one weakness overall in them and these can be exploited to deliver ransomware. Security exploit is most favorable among cyber criminals relating to vulnerable softwares.

• Malwares can disguise you in various manners using any form, while you browse on internet through any link or pop-ups.

Spam e-mails and the attachments are the easiest sources of ransomwares to enter into your system. Attachment will be shown to you as genuine, it will either bring malware to enter into your system and infects it or it will re-direct you to the link of the website which is infected.

Phishing is generally done in order to trick the user and catching him in this false activity. This is very common method used by the hackers to find path in your computer.

• Once ransomware enter into your system, it hardly takes times to reach out your entire device and encrypt your data and files. This makes the damage in a wide way and leaves hardly any possibility to recover anything out of it.

• After the encryption process got over, it creates a note and will show it on your screen, which demands a ransom to give your data back. Or, it will show you how you can pay the data or any other formality.

• This is a very serious problem as the ransomware infection can cause a lot of damage to one and is a big hurdle in the development of the country.

How Can You Keep Your Computer Safe from Viruses without Using Antivirus

Keeping your computer safe from harmful threats is important for you because, these threats can cause a great risk of loss to your data and files if your computer is infected by them. Therefore a good antivirus provides you a safe protection from these malicious threats. But we can’t say that antivirus provides 100% protection to your PC. There are many tricks for hackers to enter into your system, even if you have given a full-proof security to your PC.

You cannot completely rely on a particular antivirus software. Instead you should follow some basic internet using practices. Antivirus software only helps you to detect any malicious threat and removing it from your computer. But it is up to you, how well you are using that software for protecting your PC. Following a good habit will always give you a great result. Your initiative actions to protect your computer provide best protection for you against these attacks, rather than relying only on a piece of software.

You can avoid viruses from entering into your computer system, without using any antivirus in following ways:

• Always check your PC regularly, whether software programs that you have installed in your PC are updated. If they are old, they become places for viruses to find space for them. They are most prone to attack by hackers. You should always update your software programs to protect your PC from the cyber-attacks.

• Ensure safe browsing always. Do not visit un-official, malicious websites and URLs that are not trusted. Downloading software from sites for which pop-up notifies you should not be done. As they contain malicious viruses which are downloaded into your system while clicking on those links.

• You should not link your personal account such as Facebook to your bank account because it has confidential data and your one account will hack all other accounts.

• Some other ways your computer could be infected that is, by downloading movies, videos or wallpapers from pirated sites. So, always check sites you are visiting and only browse on secure and trustworthy sites. Use your common sense and do not fall for fake things which disguise you, by being attractive because these sites appear normal at first glance.

• E-mail attachments carry viruses. Do not open unknown attachments you receive on your e-mail. Because e-mail attachments are a good source for hackers, to transfer viruses from one computer to another.

• Always remember protection is better than cure. Once you are infected with malicious attack you may suffer big loss, either financial or personal. Viruses like malware and ransomware take control of your computer and do not allow access to it. It is impossible to remove them thereafter.

• Keep your operating system updated always. Companies like Apple, Microsoft update their operating system regularly to fix any bug and to update their features. Check your update notifications regularly or set it on auto-update. This will keep you safe from the eye of hackers.

• Keep back-up of your data, so that you may secure your important documents if your computer gets infected by these attacks. Thus, following these simple safety measures one can protect their PC against viruses and malwares.

How Safe is Your Antivirus Software from Attacks

Antivirus plays a major role in keeping your system virus-free. It gives you real-time protection and combat against these malicious threats. By doing this it helps to keep your data, files and privacy safe from hackers. Real-time protection means, whenever any virus tries to enter into your PC your antivirus detects it and prevent that virus to make access to your PC by blocking it.

Antivirus companies are improving their protection shield and plans. It includes additional features such as anti-phishing, identity theft protection, secure web browsing, parental control and excellent customer support features etc., with the best protection against these malicious attacks. For that you must always buy reputed antivirus software, so that later you will not regret of your wrong decision. Also keeping your antivirus software updated is necessary to fight against new threats, which old antivirus would not be able to do.

Antivirus though provides constant protection from various threats but not all the threats. Here we will discuss the limited scope of antivirus software program and how much safe you are from attacks:

• Antivirus is sometimes unable to detect unknown threats which are malwares. When malware enter into your PC, it makes changes; like it takes control of network access or modifying your internet security settings it makes many unwanted changes to takeover full control of your privacy. You need to install anti-malware, to fight against these malwares.
• It is always advisable to download an alternative suit in case your antivirus fails to perform its job. Both softwares will do their jobs separately.
• Thus, antivirus software is a one layer of protection and it can’t be referred to as a complete solution. And you should build multiple level of protection, to give your PC best security.
• You may never know when and where you got attacked by viruses. Cyber attacks may take place at anytime. Your antivirus alone is not sufficient to protect your computer from these attacks. As antivirus detects only known viruses and will not be able to identify other threats.
• Viruses may spread through one computer to another computer by exchange of files and data by any unprotected computer and mobile devices, it is not always necessary that internet connection is required.
• Your computer may also be infected by such exchange of information. Antivirus will be unable to provide protection in such a case.
• Also open Wi-Fi is not secure enough. Instead it is an open invitation to viruses. You shall always verify source before using it.
• Thus, antivirus software is necessary to protect your computer free from viruses because it detects viruses and takes necessary actions to remove them.
• It is a part of the security system, but it cannot be regarded as a complete security solution for your PC. Even if it can’t completely protect your computer, its importance doesn’t ends.
• But for the optimum level of security you must always prefer multiple security alternatives for your computer’s protection.

What Is The Best Malware Protection?

Malware is malicious software which does a great harm to your computer. You install antivirus to protect your PC from viruses and the other cyber threats. But not all antiviruses are cable to fight against some advanced threats such as malwares, which are specially designed to disguise the user and those are also not detectable by antivirus software. Here comes the need to install anti-malware software in your PC, which together with antivirus combat against these threats.

Malwares are annoying as well as sometimes they become non-curable and a serious trouble. Once they enter into your PC, you may suffer a huge data loss, as you cannot get your data back at any cost. The last option you would have left with is, to format your computer to get rid of these malwares in case your PC got infected by such threats. To give your PC best malware protection, you can choose any anti-malware software, which suits to the need of your PC. Some antivirus software companies provide advanced security by providing solutions to viruses, worms as well as they provide tools for malware and ransomware detection.

Following are some Top Rated anti-malware software programs, which ensure protection of your PC and other devices from malwares and do not allow them to enter into your PC, by blocking their access or provides removal if any malware has entered into your PC.

1. Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus is top rated security suite due to its light and easy to use features.
• It is very quick in scans and provides excellent detection and protection against viruses and malwares by removing them from your computer.
• It provides protection to multiple devices such as Windows, android etc, but it lacks of parental control and spam filtering features like other antiviruses do.
• You will get total protection, with its advanced features like password manager, system cleanup and online back-up system in single software.

2. McAfee Antivirus Plus

• This security software provides protection to unlimited number of devices such as windows, android, macOS and iOS with a single license. It gives best protection in windows and android as compare to macOS and iOS.
• It gives a real time protection to your PC, on detecting anything harmful, it does not allow access to it by blocking any malware or URL which contains malware.
• Thus, you need not purchase security software for each of your daily use device which could be at risk anytime without any security. You can ensure safety for your entire devices from many harmful threats, through McAfee Antivirus Plus security software.
• On installing McAfee Antivirus Plus on your computer, you need to scan your device, to check the presence of any threat.
• This security software provides best protection against phishing sites and keeps your confidential information safe.

3. MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Software

MalwareBytes is most popular security software and gives a best defense against malwares and ransomwares.
• This Security suit comes with many advanced features like, anti-exploit feature, and protection from zero-day exploits.
• It is a complete solution for any kind of threat whether it is malware, ransomware or any other attack. It blocks malware before it tries to enter into your computer.
• It gives good protection to windows devices, with many layers of advanced protection. By providing web protection, exploit protection, ransomware protection and malware protection to defend against various latest threats.

Three Top Rated Ransomware Detector Programs

Ransomware protection is becoming important, as increase in ransomware attacks in recent past. Anti-virus and anti-malware programs are commonly used by various users either a basic user or a business user, for the security of their PC. Protection against ransomware is equally important as giving protection to your PC against various viruses, spywares and adwares.

You should update your security suite regularly. Your old virus has not capability to detect a new virus. Not updating your anti-virus may increase your safety risk. If at any time a new threat infects your PC, you may face a lot of troubles, including data loss, theft of credit card number or your bank account details etc. But if your PC is attacked by ransomware, it will completely take control of your PC and your data and files are hosted by it. Removing a ransomware thereafter from your PC is an impossible task. These attacks are done in order to extort money from the users. Therefore, your security suite must include protection against ransomwares.

Increase in cyber crime has raised several security issues and no one is safe from these malicious attacks. Here protection against ransomware has become vital and has lead many software companies to include ransomware detection tools in their security programs for safeguarding your devices. Anti-ransomware tools works in addition to what your anti-virus software does that is detecting behavior of ransomware such as interacting with the file system, which was not identified earlier. It provides an extra layer of security to your PC.

There are various free options available. They scan to check if your computer is infected. Some provide detection as well as clean-up of infection.

Following Are The Three Top Rated Ransomware Tools to Avoid Ransomware Attacks:

1. Trend Micro Lock Screen Ransomware Tool: This ransomware tool is designed to detect ransomware which handles ‘lock screen’ ransomware, which is a type of malware that does not allow users to access their PC. This ransomware tool works in two different scenarios i.e. when your ‘normal mode’ is blocked but ‘safe Mode’ is accessible. Second is when lock screen ransomware blocks both normal and safe mode. In that case it allows its removal tool to execute from the other computer.

2. Malwarebytes Beta 3: Malwarebytes is the most trusted software in the cyber world. Integration of Malwarebytes anti-ransomware, Malwarebytes anti-exploit and PUP protection in this version, makes it a best combination for the protection against ransomware or malware. It also includes web protection from malicious sites and exploits protection. All features are included in one package. It is a complete solution for all the malicious threats.

3. Cybereason’s Ransomfree Tool: This tool is a free protection tool, which is designed to protect your PC from ransomware. It works along with you security suite you have installed for the protection of your PC. Extra layer of Cybereason’s ransomware tool works great to defend against ransomware. It is quick, light and simple to install it. It detects unusual behavioural pattern and blocks anything which it finds malicious. It stops ransomware before it could continue infection and infect your system.

Keep Secure Your PC with Webroot Anti-Virus Software

Webroot is one of the best most award winning anti-virus software available today in the market. Finding the right anti-virus software for your computer is important to keep your computer safe from various dangerous threats, which emerge daily. Most of the software company claim for the protection of your PC to keep your personal information safe from hackers. But not all are able to give that level of protection of which they claim. This antivirus software does what it claims. That is why when it comes on choosing right anti-virus software for your PC, one chooses Webroot protection suit. Webroot is highly trusted anti-virus software program for your computer.

The company introduced various protection forms of Webroot by launching anti-virus programs in its different packages till today. For example: Webroot Secure Anywhere Anti-virus, Webroot Security Essentials etc. Whether it is your computer’s security or for your mobile, your laptop or tablet, Webroot provides complete security to your every device. This company has always served the purpose of giving best protection to your PC. Webroot provides paid service and free trial as well, with the most effective and fastest virus and malware protection.

Some of the features of Webroot anti-virus software which help to keep your computer secure are:

• Webroot is light and easy to use anti-virus software. It is easy to install, which do not require any special skill to operate it.

• It is the fastest security suit for your computer with a powerful performance, which you can rely on.

• It is affordable and gives satisfactory performance as compare to the other anti-virus softwares, due to its extra level of performance.

• It secures your computer by scanning each and every file of your computer quickly without slowing down speed of your device.

• It instantly discovers every new threat which has arisen at any time. Thus, keeps your computer secure always.

• Webroot hardly uses any of your system resources running on the background of your computer it silently does its job, while you might be busy working on some other programs.

• Webroot has US based customer support, which is excellent in providing service to its customers, in case they have any trouble relating to installation of software or removal of virus when your computer gets infected.

• It provides real-time threat protection, real-time anti-phishing and firewall protection and some other added features.

• It protects your account numbers, usernames and passwords with its browser identity theft protection feature. It always maintains security of your privacy.

• For the better protection of your PC, you must update it regularly and one of the good things about Webroot is that its updates are not time consuming. You just need to update it rather installing the whole software once again, which is a quick process.

Webroot Anti-Virus software is really worth buying and value for money, in today’s world where each new virus develops every second. Hackers are using advance technology to find methods to break security of your computer and enter into it, to steal your precious data.

A Quick Review of Norton Antivirus Software

For security protection of your PC, you definitely need to install antivirus software program. It gives you protection from viruses, malware as well as some other extra features. There are many antivirus software companies which offer security for your Computer.

Here we are going to Discuss about Norton Antivirus software program, which is known as one of the best Protection Suite for your PC:

• Norton is one of the best antivirus security software for your PC, tablets and mobile devices, developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation.

• It stops viruses, worms, spyware, malware and Keeps your system protected against all types of malicious threats.

• It’s an overall powerful security program and one of the trusted names from a long time.

• It has clear and easy to use interface, packed with options and control.

• It covers security, backup, search, optimisation and more.

• Its default settings make this AntiVirus to take basic care of most of the issues on its own.

• Or you can run on-demand scans, which uses multiple threads to optimise performance but it also, take cares of preventing slow down the speed of your PC.

• It detects known threats as well as manages file excellently.

• To catch unknown malware, Norton adds intelligent sense of monitoring that watches the behavior and spots new dangerous programs.

• When everything is okay with your PC, its icons are green or these changes into Red if there is any security issue you might need to solve which help you to get informed the position of your PC.

• It scans incoming emails and instant messages for threats and those if identified as a threat will be send into a quarantine area for observation until it is sure that they are malware.

• It also scans and detects when you connect USB or any readable device to your system to avoid any virus attack through these devices.

• It has one of the best antiphishing filters you’ll find anywhere, i.e. besides safe guarding your system against viruses, malwares it also protects you from unknown websites from phishing your personal information.

• This antivirus software also checks on website reputations and includes intrusion alerts.

• Its pricing scheme is inflexible, which forces users with multiple devices or platforms to buy features they might not need.

• The price is at initial $31 for one computer, one-year licence, and $38 a year after that.

• It sets you up for auto-renewal when your subscription expires, which always keep you protected.

• All four Norton programs; Norton antivirus Basic, Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Premium, use the same Windows malware scanning technology and software interface, but they have different features, cost and number of systems for each program cover.

• Norton Security Standard, Deluxe and Premium also include licenses for Norton’s Mac antivirus software.