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Redownload Webroot or Get Your Keycode

It may happen that you need to reinstall the Webroot software on your device or there could be a need to reinstall the software on another device. This can be done completely free cost as long as you have an active subscription which means that the re-download or reinstallation is done during the subscription term based on the date or purchase or renewal. If you are a Webroot user and have paid for your subscription then you can not only reinstall or re-download on the original device, but also reinstall it on a new machine. But for this you will need the Keycode that you can access by entering your last name and email address.

Reinstall or Re-Download with a Keycode

The unique keycode is essential for successful installation and activation of Webroot antivirus. You will have to enter this alpha-numeric code even if you wish to reinstall on a new machine. But in case you do not remember it, you first need to Get Your Keycode by logging into your Webroot account. If you have physically purchased at a retails store, then you first need to register your software by creating an account. If you have registered your email address, then you can ask Webroot to resend the keycode to this email id or you can also search older mails by typing ‘Webroot Sales’ in your mail inbox to get the code.

Call for Technical Help and Assistance

Reinstallation or Re-download Webroot Antivirus can sometimes get complicated. But you need not fret because you can get help from experienced technicians who are just a phone call away. All you need to do is simply dial the toll free number +1-844-533-0436 and speak to any of these experts. At your end, you need to be sure that you have an active subscription so that the reinstallation or re-download can be done.